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Tips for Helping Your Senior Avoid Crime While Holiday Shopping

Shopping is a central part of the holiday season, and can be a fun way to spend quality time with your elderly parent. As with anything else in your family caregiver journey, it is extremely important for you to be aware of potential risks and dangers associated with shopping during the holiday season and to take steps to help your loved one avoid these dangers so they can enjoy the experience the most.

Elderly Care in North Royalton OH: Avoiding Crime While Holiday Shopping
Elderly Care in North Royalton OH: Avoiding Crime While Holiday Shopping

Use these tips to help your senior avoid crime while holiday shopping:

● Park as close to the store as possible. This is not the time to try to get in extra steps. Parking close will limit the amount of time you are distracted by packages and trying to get in the car.

● Deposit packages in the car frequently during long shopping trips to avoid carrying them around, which can make them vulnerable.

● Store packages in the trunk so they are not visible.

● If shopping in the evening, only go to stores with well-lit parking areas.

● Avoid carrying large amounts of cash. If you are going to be carrying cash, keep it in several different places on your person rather than just in one place. This not only prevents all the cash from being stolen if someone accesses one hiding place, but also eliminates pulling out all of the cash at the same time.

● Stay vigilant about your surroundings. If you think someone might be following you, go into a store or approach a security guard. Avoid going to the parking area alone.

● Discourage your senior from accepting "help" from people they don't know. They should not allow others to carry their packages or help them to their car, as both could put them in danger. If they need help, they should contact a security guard or inquire about help from an employee of the store where they have been shopping.

Starting elderly care for your aging loved one can be one of the most nurturing and meaningful decisions you make for them as a family caregiver. In this role, your top priority is giving them their best quality of life. Bringing an elderly home care services provider into your care routine is a fantastic way to pursue this goal. This care provider offers services specifically tailored to your loved one's needs and challenges so they can better manage their health, handle their daily needs, and find meaning and fulfillment in their later years. These services can include transportation, meal preparation, assistance with personal care needs, medication reminders, companionship, and more.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering elderly care in North Royalton, OH, please talk to the caring staff at Avalon Home Health Care today.

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