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Respite Care When Your Senior Has a Terminal Illness

If your elderly family member has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, you might feel that your job as a caregiver is to be there with her every minute of every day. It can feel as if you have no time left and that you have to double down as a caregiver. But respite time and the assistance of senior care providers can be the best way for you to continue to be there.

Senior Care in Northeast OH: Respite Care When Your Senior Has a Terminal Illness
Senior Care in Northeast OH: Respite Care When Your Senior Has a Terminal Illness

Caregiving Takes a Toll on You.

Taking care of someone else, particularly someone who has a terminal illness, takes a huge toll on you. You may find that you have trouble sleeping or that you experience changes to your appetite. This all affects how well you’re able to care for your family member and you might not like those results. Taking respite time gives you a chance to approach caregiving from a better perspective again.

Emotional and Physical Exhaustion Are Common.

Left to continue as you have been, emotional and physical exhaustion worsen. Eventually you’re at greater risk of developing burnout, which can take you out of caregiving altogether. Burnout is extremely common, but you can prevent it by giving yourself breaks and allowing senior care providers to step in while you rest.

Depression Is Common, Too.

Depression can feel like burnout, but it’s slightly different. Depression is often accompanied by feelings of helplessness along with losing interest in doing all of the activities you’ve enjoyed in the past. Persistent sadness can be a result of ignoring your needs in favor of your senior’s needs. If you’re seeing signs of depression in yourself or if you even suspect you might be depressed, talk to your doctor because there are solutions that you can put into practice.

You Can Neglect Essential Tasks for Yourself.

When you’re focusing so intently on your elderly family member’s health, you might be ignoring your own. Respite care allows you to take that time to go to your own doctor for preventative care or do other things that support your health. Focus on some of the things that help you to be not only happier, but healthier. That’s the best way for you to be able to continue to support your aging family member.

Your elderly family member may need more help, but that doesn’t mean that it all has to come from you. Taking time away allows you to fully be there for your senior when you’re back and ready to go again. There’s nothing wrong with taking time for yourself.

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