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National Senior Citizens Day - Take Time to Make These Home Improvements For Your Mom

Caregiver in Medina OH: Making Home Improvements for Mom
Caregiver in Medina OH: Making Home Improvements for Mom

Aging in place is the ideal lifestyle for many seniors. Your mom doesn't want to move. She likes her house and neighborhood. She wants to spend the rest of her life there. National Senior Citizens Day, on August 21st, is a good time to go over what home improvements may be necessary to ensure she can age in place.

Brighten the Lighting in Dimmer Entries and Hallways.

How is the lighting in your mom's entry? How about hallways or staircases? Add brighter lighting in these areas. In a hallway, track lighting that points in different directions may help. In an entry, you might be able to install brighter bulbs and have it illuminate the area better. Battery-powered lights installed to the side of each stair tread will help with a dark stairway.

Make Rails and Decking Sturdy.

That loose board on the deck? How about the loose railing on the stairs to the basement? Both need immediate attention. If your mom steps on the loose board and it wobbled too much, she could fall. If the rail in the basement comes loose, she'd fall.

Add Slip Protection in the Bathroom.

Bathrooms tend to be one of the more dangerous areas of the home. A wet tile floor can lead to a slip. The slippery surface of the tub or shower is another risk. With grab bars firmly anchored to wall studs, you eliminate the fall risk. Add grab bars to both inside and outside the tub or shower and to the side of the toilet.

Check Tile Flooring.

Are any tiles in an entry, bathroom, kitchen, or outside patio cracked or uneven? A cracked tile can slip. An uneven tile can catch a toe and cause a fall. These tiles should be removed and reset so that they are level to the others.

Install Sliding Trays in Lower Cabinets.

When a cabinet is in a corner, it can be hard to get to items pushed into the back. Install slide-out trays to make it easy to get to items. You can buy slide-out trays and racks that fit into a variety of cabinet sizes. Look for them online or in home improvement stores.

There's Benefit to Caregiver Services.

Arrange caregiver services sooner rather than later. You can start small and increase services as needed. You could have caregivers do the laundry once a week or cook meals each day. It's up to you and your mom.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering caregiver services in Medina, OH, please talk to the caring staff at Avalon Home Health Care today. Call us at (440) 863 -3609.

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