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Five Ways to Help a Senior with Vision Problems

Vision problems are a common hurdle for aging adults. October is Blindness Awareness Month, which makes it the perfect time to really look at how your senior's current and future vision impacts her daily life.

Elder Care in Brunswick OH: Helping Seniors with Vision Problems

Schedule an Eye Exam.

Eye exams are the best way to keep up with your senior's vision. Depending on what types of eye and vision issues she may be facing, her eye doctor may want to see her a little more often than once a year. If it's been a while since her last eye exam, your elderly family member should get in for a visit.

Reassess Lighting.

Lighting needs change over time and as vision changes. Take the time this month to go through your senior's home and determine whether the existing lighting is effective for her. If the lighting isn't working for her it's time to make some changes. Switch out conventional bulbs for brighter LED bulbs or add lamps. You might even consider adding motion sensing switches to lights so that they turn on when they sense movement.

Use Contrasts Wherever Possible.

Contrasting colors are a powerful tool when it comes to helping your senior family member to accommodate failing vision. Black and white is a simple contrast, but you can use bright colors, too. Contrasts help your senior to see the edges of objects, which can especially be important when it comes to stair treads and flooring.

Hire Elder Care Providers.

Declining vision impacts your senior on multiple levels. It's not as easy to do those things that she's always done and it can take more time and energy than she can really spend on those tasks. One way to help her to use her energy where she needs and wants to use it is to hire elder care providers to take over those other tasks. This can help your senior to age in place far longer, even with trouble seeing as well as she'd like to see.

Use Glow in the Dark or Reflective Tape.

In lower lighting, it's really difficult for someone with poor vision to see obstacles or anything else that could cause an accident of some sort. Tape that reflects even low light or that glows in the dark can be the perfect answer. During the day it's not distracting, but in lower light, it can help your senior to find the stairs or the edge of a piece of furniture much more easily.

Sometimes vision problems can sneak up on both you and your aging adult. That's why events like Blindness Awareness Month are so helpful. They can remind you about the little things that you can check to help your senior to see as well as possible for as long as possible.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering elder care in Brunswick, OH, please talk to the caring staff at Avalon Home Health Care today.

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