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  • David Faciana, Owner


1. Avalon Home HealthCARE does a background check on ALL Caregivers before we send them into your home by:

A. Personally interviewing ALL applicants

B. Screening ALL applicants we choose for employment

C. Checking Previous Employment

D. Completing a Comprehensive Background Check

2. Avalon Home HealthCARE Guarantees that YOU are protected up to $25,000 for any theft which you may incur by any of our Caregivers. In addition you are protected up to $1,000,000 for any property and/or personal damage incurred by you or your place of residence by any of our Caregivers.

3. ALL Caregivers are employees of Avalon Home HealthCARE and are covered by Workers Compensation

4. Avalon Home HealthCARE Guarantees once patient receives care for 26 continuous weeks… Avalon Home HealthCARE will give the patient One week of FREE care up to $1000. (does not include payments made by any government agency)

5. Avalon Home HealthCARE Guarantees that it will NOT raise your hourly rate for up to TWO years from the date service begins.

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Avalon Home HealthCARE

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