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"We are passionate about helping people retain their individuality and freedom to be themselves"

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it usually take to start service?


In order to ensure a smooth transition for all parties involved, Avalon typically takes two - three days from time of agreement to begin services

What information will you need?


Name and address of current recipient, brief history of their personal care needs, their required schedule, we would then schedule a needs assessment visit and start date.

What else is involved?

Avalon cares about providing the best individual customer care. In order to execute our services to the fullest potential, we will ask for input from the recipients about any particular preferences regarding caregivers and will select accordingly.

Is there any restriction on early termination of services?

Although we will work diligently to remedy any issues there may be, you are able to terminate your service at anytime without penalty. 

How does billing and payment work?

Avalon will provide bi-weekly billing and accepts all major credit cards, check, or money orders. 

What happens in the event we are not satisfied with our caretaker?

Avalon Home HealthCARE offers a commitment to the client that in the event that they are not completely satisfied with the aide, Avalon will change the aide at no additional cost, no questions asked.

In case of need/emergency are you available on nights, weekends, and holidays? 

Yes! Avalon Home HealthCARE understands that healthcare is important at all times. We are available 24/7 365 days a year to best serve you and your loved ones

How much does a Needs Assessment/Home Consultation cost?

A visit from our certified Senior Health Care Manager is free of charge!

Does my health insurance cover non-medical/or home health care services?


Avalon Home HealthCARE has trained staff to verify benefits for a long term care (LTC) insurance policy. With your approval, we will verify the details of your policy and will let you know the results. Please be aware that health insurance riders do not typically cover our services.

Are there any restrictions to the amount of care we receive?

No! Our care is always determined by what you need, the length you need it for, and the schedule you require. We have a very flexible system to accommodate your individual needs tailored to your particular situation. 

Are you able to provide care in facilities outside of the home, such as a nursing home, hospital, or other related facilities?


Yes! Avalon Home HealthCARE is committed to accommodating to the unique needs of all our clients. We understand that locations may change due to individual needs and will work diligently to provide CARE anytime, anywhere. 

How is my personal care attendant chosen by Avalon Home HealthCARE?


All of our care providers submit to a very thorough screening process before they are assigned to your care, including the following steps:

  • Initial phone screening to determine if they are eligible to apply for work for Avalon Home HealthCARE.

  • Completing an application form consisting of questions pertaining to their educational, experience, skills and health background.

  • Face-to-face interview with our Certified Senior Care Manager.

  • Passing our comprehensive test specially designed to check their knowledge of the field.

  • Signing a Code of Conduct document.

  • Signing a document adhering to the regulations set for the use of vehicle to transport the care recipient.

  • Verification of any certificate held by the care provider and required to provide the service.

  • Conduct a criminal background check going back 7 years.

  • Submitting to Avalon Home HealthCARE’s orientation session.

  • Submit to an orientation session to cover the specific duties, job description and requirement of the care recipient assigned to that care provider.

  • All care providers are bonded and Insured by Workers Compensation

Our screening process is one of the most thorough in the industry. We take personal pride in handpicking a care provider after carefully matching the needs of the client with the skills and character of the aide.

How much are your services?


Avalon Home HealthCARE understands that all our client's needs are unique and therefore require variable levels of care. Upon your FREE initial home consultation, our certified Senior Care Manager will provide all monetary values associated with your personal plan and needs. These monetary values will be explored in detail, providing explanations for all fees and services associated. 

What happens in the event our caregiver is unable to provide services?

From time to time unforeseen circumstances may arise with our caregivers that could cause momentary blips in care, such as an illness or emergency. Avalon Home HealthCARE has dedicated staff to find replacements ASAP and will make every effort necessary to dispatch another screened care provider to ensure continuity of the service. 

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