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"To enable seniors to live healthily and with dignity in their chosen place of residence."

About Avalon Home Healthcare


We are committed to providing high quality, client-centered and affordable Home Care services to our clients to assist them to lead dignified and independent lives in the comfort and safety of their own homes. Their individual needs are carefully assessed, understood and met through the selective assignment of qualified, trustworthy and compassionate personnel.

Our Mission


Our mission of providing the best, most dignified home care, is achieved through our CARING core values system:

    Comfort - keeping our client's health, safety, quality of life and well-being are central in the design and delivery of services 
    Affection- treating and interacting our clients with love, dignity, compassion and empathy; 
    Respect- showing respect for all cultures, religions, ethnicities; sexual orientation, ages, gender and disabilities;
    Integrity- treating our clients with honesty and integrity while recognizing and maintaining confidentiality of client information;
    Nurture- nurturing our clients for their optimum independence, security and privacy;
    Generosity- provide our clients an selfless, good-hearted staff, who are generous with their care and compassion.

We provide professional personal care attendants to assist seniors with activities of daily living so they can remain in the comfort of their own homes.

We are committed to:

  • recruiting, training and retaining competent staff

  • valuing, supporting, recognizing and appreciating our staff who are our greatest asset

  • providing a work environment that encourages personal enjoyment and enhances job satisfaction and performance through recognition and reward

  • developing and maintaining positive relationships with the community, including local Home Care and Health Care personnel/organizations

  • conducting our business in an accountable and responsible manner

  • adhering to the professional code of ethics of the Home Care industry and applying continuous quality improvement measures throughout our Agency

What Is An STNA?


Throughout the health care industry, support staff help meet patients' needs for basic bedside care. These include orderlies and attendants, as well as certified nursing assistants, or CNAs. In Ohio, these nursing assistants are known as State Trained Nurses Aides, or STNAs. In other states CNAs can work in hospitals and clinics, but Ohio's STNAs are limited to Home Care, employment in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities.

Because we "Best Fit" your loved ones needs.  Avalon Home HealthCARE provides various levels of service which "Best Fit" the Home Care requirements of the patient. 


If one requires basic levels of care such as:

  • Companionship…

  • Light House Work…

  • Meal Preparation….

  • Basic monitoring of Activities of Daily Living…

  • ECT

 A Personal Care Assistant maybe all that is required.  


If a loved one requires a more specialty level of care such as:

  • ALL services listed above...

  • Hoyer Lift…

  • Transferring…

  • Medication Monitoring…

  • Bathing… Help with Dressing… Oral Care…

  • Dementia and/or Alzheimer Care…

  • Much… Much… More…

These duties require a well-trained individual with the skill set to perform those duties successfully.  Then we suggest a State Trained Nursing Aide and/or Certified Nursing Assistant.  They have gone through training… are experienced in handling situations and duties.


The STNA Role

STNA's, provide home care under the direction or supervision of a registered nurse or a Certified Senior Care Manager. Their role is to be front-line care providers to the home's patients, attending to their daily needs and monitoring their physical and mental conditions. They're the staff members who have the most direct contact with patients and serve an important function as the "eyes and ears" of the trained nursing staff. When a patient's condition deteriorates, the STNAs are the ones who usually notice and bring it to the attention of senior staff. 


Basic Personal Care

Much of an STNA's work day revolves around basic personal care, or "bath and bedpan" duty.


The STNA helps patients make use of the restroom or bedpan and provides bathing assistance or sponge baths as needed. Patients whose mobility is impaired might also need help dressing and handling basic personal hygiene such as hair washing, tooth brushing or denture care.


At meal times the STNA help patients, or bring meals to less-mobile patients and help them eat.


Basic Nursing Care

STNAs also perform a range of basic nursing duties. They reposition bedridden patients regularly to help them remain comfortable and to prevent bedsores. They change bandages and dressings, disinfect catheters and empty urine drainage bags.


STNAs also measure and record the patient's vital signs on a regular schedule, as specified by the nursing or medical staff. They'll measure a patient's pulse rate, temperature, respiratory rate and sometimes weight, and record that information on the patient's chart.


STNAs must be respectful and courteous with residents at all times, and be conscious of their rights.


Avalon Home HealthCARE provides both levels of service. 


In addition it is important to note that ALL employees of Avalon Home HealthCARE, including the Owner, are given a complete and through background check. 


ALL Personal Care Assistants are Bonded, Insured and covered by Workers Compensation.


Our goal is to provide the best care for your loved one.  To give you and all family members the peace of mind the your loved one is getting the best care possible.


We do the best we can to insure that when a stranger walks into your family members home they become a life-long friend and becomes part of our family.

"We do not want to be your only choice for Home Care… Just your best choice for Home Care"!

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